AFRO CANADA - 4 x 60'

  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Yzanakio, Black Wealth Media
  • DIRECTOR: Henri Pardo
  • PRODUCER: Éric Idriss-Kanago, Daniela Mujica, Henri Pardo
  • WRITER: Judith Brès, Henri Pardo
  • FORMAT: 4 x 60'
  • AVAILABLE VERSION(S): French, English
  • AVAILABLE RIGHTS: All rights except Remakes
  • SYNOPSIS: The Afro-Canada series explores four centuries of Afro- Canadian history. In a classroom of the future, led by unconventional teacher Elourdes Pierre and rapper-historian Webster, a group of Canadian children of different ages and backgrounds interact with the history of the men and women who have helped build the Canada of today.
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Canada, France
Tags: Education History