Happy Family - 13x22'

  • DIRECTOR: Adze Ugah
  • PRODUCER: Elvis Chucks
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: South Africa
  • SYNOPSIS: Happy family is a 13 part half hour Drama TV series with themes centered round the challenges young couples face in contemporary times. It tells the story through 4 sets of married couples, from different backgrounds, each with their own unique set of circumstances and challenges that test the mettle of their respective relationships. The story strands are as follows. The Morros. The A Story, which focuses on the lives of Steve and Ann Morro, a thriving young couple with one child, whose relationship gets tested when work related outside influences subtly invade their lives The Abolos: The B story focuses on James and Cynthia Abolo, a recently married couple from different countries. They have just immigrated to South Africa and find that the dream of settling down in a new country with a new routine can easily turn into a nightmare, especially when issues of fidelity are on the horizon. The Tshabalalas: The C story focuses on Sarah and Theo Tshabalala, also a recently married couple. Sarah is reeling from the aftermath of her husband’s past infidelity but his desire for redemption appears to be driving him more towards a far more heinous crime The Nelsons: The D Story focuses on Margaret and Nelson, a rich aging couple, that seem to have everything except the one thing it appears all their money can not buy, the gift of a child.
Tags: Family Love