• PRODUCTION COMPANY: Arobase Studios
  • PRODUCER: AdaĆ© Simon
  • DIRECTOR: AdaĆ© Simon
  • WRITER: Dio Charles Morris, Yao Serges Hadriel
  • SYNOPSIS: It is difficult, if not impossible, to grow up in Africa, especially in rural areas, without listening to at least one tale from the grandfather. Because for the elders, it is a sure channel through which they can teach and instruct the next generation. Clearly, the tale is a sure basis of our education because it contains two certain values. On the one hand, children have the opportunity to be entertained by beautiful and exciting stories. On the other hand, they receive moral lessons. However, the average citizen would be led to ask, why tales? Indeed, they follow an old ancestral tradition which is the orality. That is to say, the art of teaching through the spoken word. It is the opposite with the writings which are certainly durable in the time. But unlike writing, orality has the advantage of putting two or more people in direct physical contact. Better still, the listener has the opportunity to ask questions to the teacher. There is therefore a direct and enriching dialogue that is created on the spot. In short! To return to the "tales from home", it should be noted that no detail has been left out. This is to allow our young viewers to feel better in each episode and why not? To become one with each character. Rightly so, we have given a lot of attention to the animal world. Isn't it true that animals are the best companions of children? We will find among others the tortoise, the lion, the antelopes and especially our two inescapable friends that are the hare and the hyena. All in all, it's an excellent cocktail of 26 episodes, each 13 minutes long, that is served on our little screens.
Tags: Kids Animation