Juste des femmes - 10x26' (in development)

  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Laboratoire Prod, Trace Studios
  • SYNOPSIS: This series follows the lives of 7 dynamic and complicit childhood friends as they face the dilemmas related to friendship, family, their relationship with men (and even women) and work. The main character is Leona. A true "working girl", she shares her moments of success and joy with her friends friends on themes related to heartbreak, infertility, fear of commitment. A pact binds them, to be present at their HQ where the tight-knit group, evokes the daily to find solutions to subjects that concern them. Inspired by real facts, this "Sex and the City" in the French style shows us with subtlety the underbelly of the French youth of today with its doubts, its challenges and its successes.
  • DIRECTOR: Marvyn Sainte-Luce, Sébastien Adélaïde
Tags: Friendship Love