LABALAVI - 14x7'

  • DIRECTOR: C├ędrick-Isham
  • WRITER: Kelly Pujar
  • SYNOPSIS: The LaBaLaVi series tells the fate of those who left their overseas lands to come and work in hexagonal France following BUMIDOM (the office for the development of migration in the overseas departments) or more recently. Ultramarines tell their personal stories, their uprooting and their paths in hexagonal France to adapt to "life there" without losing their identity. If the first season tells us about the Ultramarins who came to France, in season two we will look at the Ultramarins who stayed at home and we plan to shoot the second season in the overseas territories. The third season will be about the Ultramarins who have left for other countries. The overall goal is to do a lot of work on the identity of the ultramarines and consequently to highlight the inhabitants and their territories of origin.
Tags: Guadeloupe West Indies Martinique Reunion Identity